The face of Ghana is changing. Millions of Ghanaians no longer work in the fields and now find themselves in the relative ease of desk jobs equipped with personal computers and comfortable chairs. Every year, more and more Ghanaians youth are heading to the universities, seeking higher degrees and other certifications. It sounds great, but there is a darker, scarier side to these stories of success. With these changes, new health problems are becoming endemic. Ghanaians are unknowingly injuring their spines daily, by such activities as sitting slouched over the computers and books and sleeping on their stomach at night, many are unaware of what the spine is and that these everyday occurrences are wreaking havoc on their spinal health and thus their immune systems. This needs to change and Dr. Cox, the leading Chiropractor in Ghana is making that change happen.

Dr. Bryan Cox is the man with the vision of a country, continent and globe free of spinal issues. Its an understatement to say that such a grand aspiration will be difficult and he knows this. But if anyone is going to see such an aim to completion, Dr. Cox is that man. In just 13 years in practice, Spinal Clinic has gone from seeing barely twenty patients a week to well over thousands patients currently. Dr Cox the non-typical chiropractic Doctor, left the comforts and stability of America to pursue a dream in Africa. Your typical chiropractor definitely isn’t willing to be homeless in order to start up a practice of his own. Dr. Cox’s path has by no means been typical. When asked about such situations, he states nonchalantly, ‘I didn’t want to quit. I have a dream and I want to see it to completion’.

So how will the doctor accomplish such a mission? He is the first to admit that a complete change doesn’t happen overnight, but will be gradual, taking measured gain after measured gain. The first step will be to reach Ghana and to do so, he brought Spinal Awareness Week to Ghana in 2009 in collaboration with Chiropractic around the World his NGO, team of doctors from America and GTV to organize Spinal Awareness Week to educate Ghana about the importance of the spine and to bring awareness where ignorance reigns. On daily basis, Dr. Cox answer challenging questions like, what a spine is, does everybody have one, what does it do, what’s a spinal problem, how can I keep my spine healthy, what’s a spinal problem, how do I know if I have a problem, how can I correct the problem?.

Do you have a spine? Doctor Cox will be waiting to check it and remove any defect from it  if there is. The spine is awesome; it protects the spinal cord and thus the functioning of the entire body. When the spine is stressed the body is weakened, making us more susceptible to everything from headache to malaria. When the immune system is strong, the body is more able to heal itself, as it was meant to. Dr. Cox believes, ‘the power that made the body, heals the body’. It makes sense.

Are you young, healthy and in great shape? Great, keep your spine strong by staying active, eating well, sleeping enough at night and by finding outlets for your emotional stresses. Doctor Cox has helped adjust all types of spines from babies, CEO’S the Aged, corporate workers, kings, presidents, minsters, pregnant women and all types of professionals with spines, and has given them testimonies of a lifetime which make most people wish they had contacted him earlier.

Dr. Cox believes that, everyone can benefit from making certain changes in their lifestyles. It’s never too late or too early to start sleeping well, stretching and exercising daily, eating healthy and loving one’s self. It’s also very important that if you are experiencing spinal problems, want to prevent problems from starting, or just want a spinal check up, that you visit Dr. Cox at the Spinal Clinic limited sooner rather than later. Your spine is important and your life is worth it.